Honestly Would You Hire YOU?

honestlyI know this is somewhat of a departure from the usual topics I discuss. Normally I choose a current business, marketing, advertising or graphic design topic. But today I want you to look at yourself objectively, as a hiring manager, a Human Resources Director or a new client might do. Now, go to the closest mirror and ask yourself this question: Would you hire you?

Imagine how different our approach to interacting with others would be if we knew how they really perceived our strengths and weaknesses. How often do our perceptions of “who we are”, “what we do” and “how we do it” coincide with the opinions of others whose job it is to evaluate us? Probably less often than we think. This is because human nature (and our egos) lead us to believe that we always project a desirable image from a hiring or selling perspective. Personal Branding requires that we pay attention to messaging and the manner in which we communicate these impressions. For more information you many enjoy my prior post on Selling and Personal Branding.

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